Benefits of Installing Solar on Your Investment Property | Solar by CIR

More and more people are shifting to solar power as their source of energy. For instance,  solar power for homeowners near New Orleans is continuously growing in numbers. Let’s learn more about the advantages of solar panels in New Orleans: a valuable investment for your home to get you motivated to shift to solar energy too. 

What are the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Homes in New Orleans?

Can Reduce Your Electricity Bills

This is the number one reason why most people are shifting to solar energy usage. Using solar energy can reduce your bill to up to 80%! That’s a big saving. Since your household will be depending on the solar energy being gathered by your solar angels then you will likely reduce your electricity consumption that is coming from the grid. The upfront cost of solar panels is expensive but the money you can save from your reduced bill can cover your solar panel cost and you can get your return on investment in 5 to 7 years. 

New Orleans is a Good Place for Solar Energy Usage

New Orleans is a good place to have a solar panel installed in your home since it can maximize the collection of solar energy. 94% of the buildings in New Orleans fall under the category of “solar viable” area. So this means Homes in New Orleans can get high solar productivity once they have solar panel installation. 

Get Federal Tax Credits

New Orleans residents can get a federal tax credit once they decide to have a solar panel installed in their homes. For now, if you will avail you can still get the 26% federal tax credit by the end of 2022 it will be reduced to 22%. So this is the perfect time to have that solar panel installed in your home. This federal tax credit will be used to pay off your tax credibility at the end of the year if the amount is lower, if the amount is higher you have to pay the excess only if there is still an amount remaining then it will be credited to the next year. 

Contribute to Reducing Carbon Footprints in the Environment

Using solar energy can help you contribute to lessening the carbon footprints in the environment. Although solar energy still has minimal carbon footprints, it is still environmentally friendly compared with non-renewable energy sources that produce a big amount of green gas emissions.  

Can Increase your Home Value 

Having a solar panel installation on your property can increase your property value to up to $15,000. Therefore if you are planning to sell your property or not there will be no problem with it, instead, you can even profit from it. 

Why Do Most People in New Orleans Prefered Solar Panels?

Apart from the advantages, people can get from solar panels installation. There are more reasons such as:

No more Blackouts

Solar energy can be stored using solar batteries. Since they are stored you can use them at night and you can even use them as backup power during power outages. No more worries about blackouts. 

Learn the Value of Energy

By using collar energy you will learn to monitor your energy usage and learn techniques on how to conserve as well as save energy for future purposes if you have a solar panel system at home. 

Low Maintenance 

Solar panels when taken care of will only require low maintenance. Solar panels can be cleared and cleaned easily using the proper tools plus they get their regular annual inspection to check if the solar pane and its structure are working well. 

How In Demand Are Solar Panels In New Orleans?

New Orleans is united with Louisiana’s goal of going green and one way of fulfilling this is encouraging more residents to go shift to solar energy. Due to this campaign, more and more residences are into solar energy usage. 

knowing the advantages of solar panels in New Orleans: a valuable investment for your home can help you decide easily if solar energy is indeed for your home. As a resident in New Orleans better take advantage of the benefits you can get once you have that solar panel installed in your home.